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Dec 9, 2015

For the last Mo' Money Podcast episode of 2015, host Jessica Moorhouse does another solo episode, sharing her thoughts on going to university, student debt and making smart financial decisions when it comes to your higher education and future career.

Dec 2, 2015

I interview my grandpa, Jacques Hardy, in his home in Chilliwack, BC for this podcast episode because his story is the ultimate success story. He describes his family as "poverty stricken" growing up, he had 8 siblings and had to start paying his own way at 17. Although the odds were against him (he failed grade 7 twice and was fired from a number of jobs), he was able to find a successful career in the military to help support his young family and eventually move across the country for a better life.

Long episode description:

This episode is why I’m so glad I have a podcast. Finally, I have a medium to share my grandpa’s incredible story. He literally started out dirt poor. Poverty stricken was actually the term he used. He was born in Saint-Sylvère, Quebec, had 8 siblings and had to start paying his own way at 17. 

If you think that sounds hard, his dad was orphaned at 5 years old and started working at 11! He eventually became a butcher and sold his meat door-to-door. But still, when he got married, all he had to his name was $20 in his pocket and a horse and buggy. He even had to declare bankruptcy at one point in his life.

You really do need to listen to the episode to fully grasp the trials and tribulations my grandpa had to overcome. It sure makes me feel grateful for how I was brought up. I mean, I complain that I had to work a part-time job in high school to afford university (poor me), while my grandpa literally had no options when it came to post-secondary. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the military I don’t know if he would have been able to afford starting a family and eventually uprooting them across the country to live in Chilliwack, BC.

What I loved most about our conversation together was finding out how money savvy he was. Even without any good financial role models in his life, my grandpa was smart enough to save a good part of his pay cheque and buy some Canada Savings Bonds that eventually helped him pay off his mortgage (on the house he still lives in by the way), right before interest rates skyrocketed in the 1980s. I still can’t believe he was able to put more than 50% down for a down-payment and his mortgage was only $83/month!

A big thank you to my grandpa for recording this episode with me (I can’t wait to share it with him). This will be a recording I cherish for years to come.

And since I haven’t mentioned it on my podcast or on the blog yet, next Wednesday’s episode will be my last for the year. It’ll be my 30th episode and I definitely need a break to ramp up my website redesign before the New Year. As always, thanks for listening and make sure to tell me what you think by leaving me a review on iTunes, Stitcher or tweeting me.


Nov 25, 2015

In this episode, I talk with longtime friend and fellow film school grad Riley Maruyama about his experience trying to make it in the film industry while trying to crush $35,000 in student debt.

Long episode description:

I am so excited to share my interview with my very good friend Riley Maruyama for this episode, all about kicking his student debt to the curb. Riley and I go way back. We were in the same 30-person film program at Simon Fraser University back in 2005, we helped each other as crew members on multiple film shoots, and I even passed down my first basement suite to him after we all graduated (it was a really good deal, so we kept that suite in our “friend family” for quite a few years). 

Since I’ve known Riley, he’s always been a true artist. In film school, he was known as the experimental filmmaker out of all of us. But why we got along so well was he was never that stereotypical art school kid. He had (and still has) the best sense of humour, but at the same time is incredibly philosophical. And it very well could be because he’s equal parts creative and thoughtful that he realized how important it was to pay down his $35,000 student loan while still pursuing a career in the arts. Not an easy feat, but Riley is seriously talented and does not give up. It’s certainly no surprise to me that he was able to crush his debt while eventually landing a job as a cinematic artist in the gaming industry.

Since I mentioned a few of the projects Riley’s worked on over the years in this episode, I’ve linked to them below (including his grad film!). I really hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did. What I really wanted to share was that it’s not just a success story if you pay off your debt in record time. If it takes you a bit longer but you still end up paying it off — that’s still a huge accomplishment!

Riley’s Grad Film


Nov 18, 2015

Investment coach Aman Raina and I discuss how to be an empowered investor through financial education, changing habits and understanding your comfort zone.

Long episode description:

As I mentioned at the beginning of this episode, I found out about Aman because he commented on my blog post about money coaching. After that we exchanged a few emails and I knew I needed to talk to him a bit more so I got him on my podcast. Aman as a very interesting background. He worked on the TSX’s trading floor back in the 90s and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to investments. 

Later in his career he decided to go it alone and start his own investment coaching business so he could teach others about the principles of investing wisely. Different than a financial advisor, an investment coach doesn’t sell you products or tell you specifically what to do. Instead, it’s more of a teacher role and Aman shares some of his top tips for those of you who want to learn more about becoming a savvy investor.

I was lucky enough to meet Aman in person this fall at the Canadian Personal Finance Conference. He is seriously the nicest guy and super smart. He told me he was thinking of producing more videos for his company website, Sage Investors, and I guess he did because I found this gem! Props for getting jiggy with it Aman!


Nov 11, 2015

Rachel Hernandez is arguably one of the hardest working solopreneurs out there. Having had an entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age, Rachel shares her story of working long hours to pay for university and eventually starting her own successful mobile home investment business.

Long episode description:

My guest for this episode is Rachel Hernandez — arguably one of the hardest working women I know! Not only does she have a strong work ethic, she’s basically been an entrepreneur since she was in elementary school. Who else could come up with an idea to sell pencils and stickers to kids (as a kid) but someone who would end up becoming a successful real estate investor. 

In this episode, Rachel shares her story of how she worked her way to pay for college, turned down a chance to do her MBA and took a huge leap of faith by starting her own real estate investing company. Although she now predominantly invests in mobile homes, she has a wealth of knowledge on single home investing as well. She’s even so knowledgeable that she’s penned 3 books about real estate investing (and counting!).

Thanks again Rachel for being such a great guest. You’re story is incredibly inspiring and I hope that I too will become an property investor down the road, though probably not in Canada if I’m being honest. Then again, I might actually be able to afford a mobile home in Toronto or Vancouver?

Since we mentioned a few resources on the show, here they all are below. And make sure to leave me a review on iTunes or Stitcher to let me know what you think of this episode!

Blog Posts Rachel Mentioned

  • I Ditched Graduate School to Invest in Real Estate, Here’s What Happened
  • Investing in Mobile Homes: Why I Enjoy Mobile Home Investing

Rachel’s Books

  • Adventures in Mobile Homes
  • Real Estate Investing Sucks
  • Real Estate Investing Sucks Pt. 2


Nov 4, 2015

John Robertson, the author of the DIY investing book The Value of Simple, and I discuss the why and how of index fund investing, his side gig as an investment coach and how investing can be simple (if you're doing it right).

Long episode description:

In this episode I talk with John Robertson, the blogger behind Holy Potato and the author of The Value of Simple, about one of my favourite topics — index fund investing. I explored this subject a bit in my podcast episode with Barry Choi, but John breaks down the principles even further and explains what actionable steps you need to take to become a do-it-yourself investor. 

If you are really interested in going the DIY investing route, I highly suggest reading John’s book. I did and I seriously learned a lot about what is involved and what the best ways to get started are.

We mentioned a number of resources in this episode, and here they are below.

Books John Mentioned

  • The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John C. Bogle
  • The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton

John’s Book

  • The Value of Simple: A Practical Guide to Taking the Complexity Out of Investing

Money Planners & Coaches Directory

  • Directory of Fee-Only Planners and Coaches


Oct 28, 2015

Revanche, the blogger behind A Gai Shan Life, and I talk about growing up extremely frugal, helping her family out of a tough financial situation and her aspirations to become a full-fledged millionaire.

Long episode description:

Talk about overcoming some major obstacles, Revanche seriously is one inspiring woman. It’s one thing to try to get yourself out of debt by working hard and saving aggressively, but it’s quite another to do the same to help your family out of a tough financial situation. Although I think Revanche’s story is quite unique, I also feel like she’s not alone in being thrown into a situation where your loved ones need your help and you need to make some big sacrifices to get them out.  I’d love to know in the comments if anyone else has experienced something similar! Please share your stories if you have them.

Although it was a long journey for Revanche, which you’ll learn in our podcast episode together, she didn’t just stop when the debt was finally paid off. She set herself an even loftier goal to achieve next — become a millionaire so she never has to experience debt like that again. I applaud Revanche’s dedication and hard work, and seriously can’t wait until she makes it into the two comma club.

Notable Blog Posts by Revanche

  • My kid and becoming human: Notes from Month 6
  • Will This Loan Be Repaid?
  • Revanche’s Real Estate Investing Series

Learn More About Revanche

  • The Who, What and Why of Revanche from A Gai Shan Life


Oct 21, 2015

In this episode, I interview Carrie Smith from Careful Cents about how she paid off $14,000 in consumer debt and was able to leave her stressful 9 to 5 to become a top business coach for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Long episode description:

As Carrie and I mentioned at the start of this episode, we met in person over a year ago at FinCon 2014 in New Orleans and totally hit it off. It was actually Carrie, myself and Cait from Blonde on the Budget that hung out quite a bit at that conference, and I am really looking forward to doing it again at FinCon 2016 in San Diego.  Speaking of FinCon, a huge congratulations to Carrie for winning Best Entrepreneurship Blog at the 2015 Plutus Awards this past September. Way to go girl!

Carrie has a really interesting story all about overcoming huge financial challenges and taking some big risks to live the life she knew she deserved. She went into debt, she went through a divorce and she had a really stressful accounting job that turned her into a workaholic. But she saw the light at the end of the tunnel and worked her butt off to get to where she is today. If you’re looking for some mid-week motivation, this podcast episode is it!

Notable Blog Posts by Carrie

  • Solopreneur Success: How I Built a Community of 3,000 Loyal Subscribers
  • From Employee to Business Owner: How I Overcame My Biggest Business Challenge
  • A Guaranteed Plan of Action for Achieving Your Financial Goals

Useful Resources for Freelancers

  • The Best Freelance Business Tools
  • Digital Workships


Oct 14, 2015

J. Money from the popular personal finance blog Budgets Are Sexy and I talk about making money online, getting fired, giving away $90,000 and making budgets sexy again.

Long episode description:

J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy and Rockstar Finance has been in the personal finance game since 2008, so he knows what’s going on when it comes to talking money. In this episode, we discuss how he became a blogger, why getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to him and how he’s been able to give back in a big way.  Not only is J. Money just a super cool, genuine guy — I owe him a big one because talking to him for this episode was the kick in the pants I needed to move forward with my rebrand and future money coaching business. You know when you have an idea, but are just too scared to take action because it’s not perfect yet? I’m a big perfectionist, and it’s definitely held me back from trying new things and taking risks that could help me in the long run. But J. Money is such a an inspiring guy with everything he’s accomplished, I’m gonna take a chapter out of his book and just do it!

So thanks J. for motivating me to start my next chapter. You rock and it was a pleasure having you on the show!

We mentioned a few things in this episode, so I’ve listed everything below. I’m also including J.’s side hustle story series even though we didn’t talk about it because it’s just too cool not to mention on here.

Submit Your Side Hustle Story

  • Got a unique way to make extra money outside of your day job? Submit your cool side hustle story for a chance to be featured on Budgets Are Sexy. I even submitted my story about teleprompting!

Notable Blog Posts by J. Money

  • I Got Fired
  • The Lifetime Wealth Ratio
  • 7 Things I’ve Learned After 7 Years of Blogging


Oct 7, 2015

I talk to Plutus Award winner and debt blogger Melanie Lockert about her experience tackling $81,000 in student loan debt and becoming a full-time freelancer and debt crusher advocate.

Long episode description:

It was such a pleasure interviewing Melanie Lockert from Dear Debt. I’m an uber nerd and couldn’t contain how much I love Portland (where she currently lives) as you may have gathered from me blurting it out at the beginning of this episode. But in addition to secretly wishing I lived on the West Coast again, I’m also a huge fan of her blog and have been for many years, so it was a huge treat to be able to record this episode with the ultimate debt crusher. 

Melanie’s story is one that I’m sure many of you can relate to. She took out a loan to do her bachelor’s degree, then got into her dream school of NYU to do her master’s degree. That meant she had to take on even more student debt. The grand total tallied up to $81,000 in student loan debt. That’s basically a down-payment on a house in Toronto or several very lavish tropical vacations.

Melanie ended up leaving New York after graduating to move to Portland to be with her partner. Although Portland is way more affordable to live in than New York, the economy isn’t great and she struggled to find work. But Melanie didn’t let that get her down. She hustled and worked her butt off to find work and eventually turned her blog into a full-time job. And this year she even won a Plutus Award for Best Debt-Focused Personal Finance Blog and was nominated for Best Contributor/Freelancer for Personal Finance. You go girl!

If you’re looking for a podcast episode to inspire you to break up with debt or just conquer something that seems completely impossible, you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode. And make sure to check out some of the links below that include a way to submit your Dear Debt Letter and some of Melanie&rsp>

  • Melanie started this awesome program to help others break up with their debt and share their stories. If you have a debt story that you want to share and want to kick your debt to the curb, I highly recommend submitting your own Dear Debt Letter.

Notable Blog Posts by Melanie

  • The Positive Power of Thinking
  • One Year Later: My Journey as a Freelancer 
  • How I Spent Less Than $1,000 on a 2-Week Trip to Europe
  • My Big Crazy, Audacious Goal

My Experiences with Debt & Unemployment

  • How to Survive Unemployment After Graduation
  • How to Keep Positive While Unemployed
  • How I Paid Off My Student Loan in Less Than a Year


Sep 30, 2015

In this episode, I talk about my experience as a missionary in Africa at 18 and sponsoring a child in my 20s to give back.

Long episode description:

Hello and welcome to another solo podcast episode with yours truly. I know in episode 1 I said I would just being doing interviewed shows, but what can I say, I love to talk and I’ve got a lot to say. In this episode which I am super excited to share with you, I dive into my experience as a missionary and sponsoring a child to give back. 

I believe giving back and donating to charities is incredibly important, especially when it comes to personal finance. When we think about money management though, it’s usually the last thing we think of after saving, investing and making more money.

Giving back has always been a big part of my life, starting with my childhood in the Catholic church. Participating in giving back through my church’s programs evolved into me deciding to go to Africa at 18 to do some good overseas. It was definitely an enlightening experience, good and bad, so make sure to listen to find out what I think about it a decade later.

I also had a sponsor child for a period in my early 20s. I actually decided to get a sponsor child when I first moved out of my parents and was making my lowest salary to date. But even though I was at my poorest, I knew that as a financially independent woman I needed to still set aside some money to help others.

Now in my late 20s, I have a very different outlook on giving back because of these two experiences. I’m still all for helping others, especially financially, but I just choose to go about it a different way than I did when I was younger. Since this is a pretty personal episode, and I share things on there that I’ve never talked about before, I would love to get your feedback. Let me know what you think, or better yet share a story you have about giving back in the show notes.

Blog Posts I Mentioned

  • My Trip to The Gambia: An Experience That Changed My Life
  • My Experience Sponsoring a Child
  • I’m Gonna Be a Mentor!
  • Doing Your Research Before Giving Your Money to a Charity

Charitable Programs I Mentioned

  • Compassion Canada
  • YWCA High School Mentorship Program – Vancouver


Sep 23, 2015

Quin Sandler, CEO of fitness technology company Plantiga, and I talk about being a serial entrepreneur and what that means for his budget, retirement plans and career aspirations.

Long episode description:

My guest on this podcast episode can be summed up in one word: hustler. Quin Sandler, who I was introduced to by my husband Josh, is one motivating character. He’s an entrepreneur and is currently the co-founder and CEO of the startup Plantiga. In this episode we talk about how he’s created several different businesses including a tutoring business and a web design and branding business, and how that led him to his new venture in wearable sports technology.  We also dive into how he budgets (or does he?), what he does to supplement his income when money is scarce and what his thoughts are on retirement.

We mentioned a ton of things on the show, so I’ve organized everything to make it easy for you below. Thanks for listening and make sure to let me know what you think about this episode or my show by leaving me a review on iTunes or stitcher!

Links Quin Mentioned

  • Plantiga, his new business
  • Brad Feld’s book on life as an entrepreneur, Startup Life: Surviving & Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur

About Quin

  • Quin in The Globe & Mail talking about Plantiga: “Smart Shoes Creator Considers Running Out of Canada”
  • Check out some of Quin’s original music!
  • Check out Quin on Twitter


Sep 16, 2015

BrokeGirlRich blogger Melissa Bondar and I discuss the sacrifices you have to make to follow your passion and work in the arts industry, while paying off debt and living on a very tight budget.

Long episode description:

I was really looking forward to interviewing Melissa Bondar, the blogger behind BrokeGirlRich. Not only were we roommates for FinCon 2014 in New Orleans, but her story is very close to my heart. We both went to art school in university, her for theatre and me for film. But instead of pursuing a career in my field like Melissa did, I kind of chickened out and just ran in the complete opposite direction.  No regrets of course, and looking back I can say confidently that the film industry and me would not have been a good fit. That being said, I think it is so cool that Melissa pursued her dream of working in theatre and now she has an awesome job as a stage manager in New York City! You go girl!

Melissa and I talked about a ton of stuff on the show, and I’ve listed some of her blog posts that we talked about below. For anyone who is thinking about working in the arts, or is already working in that field and needs a good blog to read about being smart with money, make sure to check out Melissa’s blog and follow her on twitter!

Links Melissa & I Mentioned

  • Melissa’s blog post about living below her means so she doesn’t have to work a job she hates: Fail is the Best Four Letter Word
  • Her list of 114 side hustles to make extra money
  • The Penny Hoarder’s blog about how to become a mystery shopper
  • Melissa’s net worth updates


Sep 9, 2015

Personal finance author (Stop Over-thinking Your Money!) and TV personality Preet Banerjee and I talk about his journey from race car driver to leading Canadian financial expert.

Long episode description:

Can I just start off with saying how amazing Preet sounds on my podcast? He puts my “radio voice” to shame! I should have known, he is a podcaster and TV personality after all. I’ve got to say, this is probably one of my favourite podcast episodes (not to bash any of the episodes I’ve done up until this point, they are all amazing too!). Preet is such a cool, genuine guy and it was so nice to hear his story.  I mean, how many people do you know who went to school to be a brain surgeon, then pursued a career in race car driving and ended up becoming a well-known financial expert on TV? I guess never having a 5-year plan might be the way to go?

Before I get to the important links and book giveaway, I’ve got to hang my head in shame because I still haven’t crossed off 1) get a will and 2) get life and disability insurance off my list. To be fair, I almost did. I made an appointment with a lawyer to get a will done, but had to cancel and just haven’t rescheduled it. But I will get both of these things done before Christmas, mark my words Preet! And you better too…I’m talking to you blog readers and podcast listeners!

Important Links Preet Mentioned

  • Preet’s first book, RRSPs: The Definitive Book on Registered Retirement Savings Plans
  • His personal finance blog: Where Does All My Money Go
  • His big break in the National Post: “New Breed of Advisors Shun Mutual Funds”
  • Preet’s podcast that he seriously needs to start up again: Mostly Money, Mostly Canadian
  • Preet’s new book: Stop Over-thinking Your Money!


Sep 2, 2015

In this episode, I interview Wealthing Like Rabbits author Robert R. Brown about how he got into the personal finance world, what inspired him to write this cheeky book and what it means to wealth like a rabbit.

Long episode description:

It was so great to chat with Robert Brown in this episode, the author of the personal finance book Wealthing Like Rabbits (or it’s original title and my personal favourite, Sex, Zombies and Compound Interest). I was able to review the book on the blog back in November, so it was fun to be able to chat with Robert about some of my favourite passages and find out more about the man behind the book. 

As mentioned at the beginning of this episode, I will be giving away a copy ofWealthing Like Rabbits so you can enjoy it just as much as I did. Make sure to enter below! And as always, below are some interesting links that we mentioned during the show that you may want to check out as well.

Personal Finance Authors Robert Mentioned

  • David Chilton
  • Bruce Sellery
  • Gail Vaz-Oxlade
  • Preet Banerjee

Links I Mentioned

  • My book review of Wealthing Like Rabbits
  • My house hunting blog series
  • Podcast episode 4 about travelling on an extreme budget with my friend Stephanie Williams


Aug 26, 2015

Music blogger turned entrepreneur Angela Mastrogiacomo discusses why she chose to follow her passion by starting her own business (Muddy Paw PR) and travelling city to city organizing music industry meetups.

Long episode description:

I was so excited to talk with Angela Mastrogiacomo for this episode because her story instantly clicked with me. It’s actually kind of cool how I connected with Angela. As you know from listening to my podcast episode with my husband Josh, he’s a freelance audio engineer and a big part of his job is to network in hopes of finding his next gig. Well, he started going to this one industry meet-up called Balanced Breakfast and guess who created the whole darn thing — Angela.  He came home after his first meet-up and told me that Angela would make the perfect guest for my podcast. Considering she’s a music blogger and started her own PR company at a very young age, he was bang on the money and I contacted her soon after.

In this episode, we talk about a lot of different things but mainly how Angela got the courage to follow her big passion — working in the music industry. Coming from an arts background myself, I know that is no easy task, but Angela is just one of those amazing people who takes those risks because the alternative is not an option. Not only did she start her own company, she’s also trying to change the music industry itself. She’s going city to city to create these industry meet-ups so artists, producers and engineers can network and hopefully create some fruitful relationships. Angela is so freaking cool, you just really need to listen to this episode.

We mentioned a few important links in this episode, so here they are below. And of course I gave out a few more shout outs to some very nice iTunes reviewers. Thanks guys!

Important Links Angela Mentioned

  • Balanced Breakfast Music Industry Meet-up
  • Infectious Magazine
  • Muddy Paw PR


Aug 19, 2015

It's not easy being in debt while supporting a family. Catherine MacLean from Plunged in Debt and I talk about her debt repayment plan, her new frugal lifestyle and what tips and tricks she uses to cut back on spending to balance her budget.

Long episode description:

In this episode I talk to Catherine MacLean from the personal finance blog Plunged in Debt. From the name of her blog, you can guess what it’s focus is on. Catherine and her husband have a huge amount of debt to pay off, and it hasn’t been easy. On top of that they are a young family with a 3-year-old daughter to provide for. 

Fortunately, Catherine is one financially savvy lady and writes about all the different ways she’s found to cut back and save on the little things. If you’re in debt and need some motivation to stick to your budget and kick your debt to the curb, you definitely need to check out Catherine’s blog (and listen to our podcast episode).

In our conversation, Catherine and I mentioned a few of her most notable blog posts, so here they are below for you to check out. I’ve also given some shout outs to some iTunes reviewers, so check below to see if one of them is you!

Blog Posts Catherine Mentioned

  • How I Dress My Kid on a Budget
  • Would You Marry Someone With A Lot of Debt?
  • Financial Success Does Not Start With a Budget
  • What I Gave Up (and Gained) to Reach My Financial Goals
  • No More Babies Until Debt is Gone


Aug 12, 2015

Sarah Peterson from Unsettle and Suburban Finance and I talk about starting an online side hustle to make extra money or to eventually develop a full-time business.

Long episode description:

Many of you personal finance blog readers may already know Sarah Peterson from when she ran When Life Gives You Lemons Add Vodka, or maybe you read her current personal finance blog Suburban Finance. Or maybe you know her from her new project This girl even has her own podcast! She's everywhere! 

I've known Sarah for a number of years. I actually met her at the same time I met Liquid Independence almost four years ago. I don't know if I've ever told this story on the blog before, but around that time myself and Sarah and a few other personal finance bloggers in Vancouver decided to meet up in person for the very first time. We coordinated everything over email and I just prayed to God that at least one of them would be normal. It's hard to tell how a person really is just by their online persona, and meeting people off the Internet is still kind of sketchy. Luckily everyone was normal, well as normal as personal finance bloggers can be, and I've kept in touch with Sarah ever since. When I first met her I believe she was just graduating from post-secondary and was about to start her first full-time gig in HR. Well, a lot has happened in Sarah's career since then because she's now a full-time freelancer, business coach and online marketing maven! In this episode I pick her brain about her new life as a solopreneur and what she does to make all of her money online. Whenever I come across someone who has quit their full-time job to start their own business, I'm always in awe of them. In awe because I think it's super courageous to work for yourself, and also because I find it a bit crazy. But Sarah knows her stuff, and even after we finished recording I continued to pick her brain even more over sushi. Don't worry, I paid (it was the least I could do!). Thanks so much Sarah for being on the show, and man do I have a lot of ideas for online products now!

Blog Posts Sarah Mentioned

  • 10 Actionable Steps to Discover Your Unique
  • The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy: How I Turned $0.30 into $5,000 in 4 Months
  • The Website Launch Checklist: What to Do One Week Before Launch
  • How to Launch Your Website for Instant Success: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

Get a Discount on Your Website Hosting

We talked a lot about starting a website on the show, and in order to have a website, you need website hosting. Don't try to do something crazy like me and host it for free via Tumblr. It was one of the biggest blogging mistakes I've ever made and wish I'd never done it. Instead, I suggest you sign up with a hosting company like BlueHost (a hosting service I 100% recommend). And for a limited time, if you use my affiliate link you can get yourself a special discount!


Aug 5, 2015

Liquid Independence, the blogger behind Freedom 35 Blog, and I talk about investing in farmland and his goal to be financially free by 35 years old.

Long episode description:

When I was in Vancouver in June for my bi-annual visit with the HB, I scheduled some time to talk to one of the first personal finance bloggers I got to know almost 4 years ago. His blogger name is Liquid Independence and he runs the investment blog Freedom 35 Blog. As you can guess from the name of his blog, his vision is to do everything he can to achieve complete financial independence by 35 years old. 

Not only is that a pretty incredible goal to have (I’m just hoping to save up enough for retirement by 65 personally), but he is super savvy when it comes to property investment. He owns his own condo as well as some farmland in Saskatchewan. In this episode, I discuss with him at length his property investment strategies and what steps you need to take in order to become a farm investor too.

Since Liquid’s journey is so interesting, I’ve pulled some of the best and most relevant blog posts of his and listed them below. I’ve also done a bit of research and found some other great resources about investing in farmland in case anyone (like myself) is Googling stuff about it right now.

Relevant Blog Posts by Liquid Independence

  • 9 Year Plan to Financial Freedom
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Being a Landlord
  • My New Saskatchewan Farm
  • Farmland Investing
  • Why Invest in Farmland
  • School Drop Out

Other Farmland Investing Resources

  • Farmland Investing Explained ebook by Money Talks
  • Articles about Canada farmland by The Huffington Post
  • Article on the restrictions on foreign ownership of agricultural land in Canada by Gowlings


Jul 29, 2015

Personal finance blogger Jordann Brown from My Alternate Life and I talk about her paying down $38,000 in debt and completely changing her lifestyle to prevent getting into debt ever again.

Long episode description:

I am so excited to share my episode with Jordann Brown from My Alternate Life. I’ve been following her blog since it started (close to the time I started mine over 3 years ago), so it was so fun to chat with her about her journey. I actually first met Jordann at the Canadian Personal Finance Conference in 2013 and she was just as sweet and friendly in-person as she is on her blog.  We also hung out at FinCon 2014 in New Orleans last September, partially because we Canadian bloggers stuck together for a lot of that conference, and partially because Jordann and I are both major introverts who aren’t good at networking in big crowds.

What I think is so cool about Jordann’s story is that it’s the same story as a number of millennials out there. She went to university, graduated with a whack of debt, then expected her post-grad life to be relatively smooth sailing. I thought the same way after graduating, expecting a full-time job and an awesome apartment right out the gate. Well, that just isn’t how life goes, especially when you graduate during an economic recession. But instead of just putting her hands up and wallowing in self-pity about her situation, Jordann worked hard at turning everything around. She’s now completely debt-free and living the life she wants. Listen to the episode to find out all the details.

Jordann mentioned a few links during our conversation, so here they are below. I also wanted to include links about student debt repayment and forgiveness that may be helpful to any of you who are currently chipping away at your student loans. Note these are resources just for Canadian student loans as I don’t have much experience with student loans in the U.S. or overseas. Maybe that would make for a good future episode though. Any experts out there want to hit me up?

Blog posts Jordann mentioned

  • Jordann’s Net Worth Updates
  • How to Pick the Perfect Dog
  • Can I Afford a Dog?
  • My Travel Fund is Full!
  • Jordann’s Helpful Resources Page

Helpful Debt Repayment Resources


  • Canada Repayment Assistance Plan
  • Canada Student Loan Forgiveness for Family Doctors and Nurses
  • Canada Student Loan Rehabilitation
  • How to Manage Your Canada Student Loan Debt

British Columbia (B.C.)

  • B.C. Completion Grant
  • B.C. Completion Grant for Graduates
  • B.C. Loan Forgiveness Program



  • Saskatchewan Student Loan Repayment


  • Manitoba Student Loan Repayment and Assistance


  • Paying Back OSAP
  • OSAP Grants and Loans


  • Quebec Student Loan Repayment

Nova Scotia

  • Nova Scotia Student Loan Forgiveness Program

New Brunswick

  • New Brunswick Timely Completion Benefit
  • New Brunswick Tuition Rebate 

Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.)

  • PEI Student Loan Repayment Assistance


Jul 22, 2015

In this candid episode, I share my experience moving away from my hometown and starting over in a new city, in the hopes of increasing my salary and jump starting my career.

Long episode description:

I know I mentioned in episode 1 that I wouldn’t be doing any crazy long monologue podcast episodes…but I lied. I’ve blogged about my experience moving away from my hometown and starting over in Toronto, but I just felt like since this is such a big part of who I am now — I needed to do a podcast episode about my experience as well.

I mentioned a ton of blog posts in this episode to give you a full timeline and understanding of what went down, so brace yourself for the longest list of blog post links ever!

I’m not gonna write too much more, because you really do just need to listen to the episode. I’d love to hear from any of you about your experiences, or make sure to send me your feedback in the form of a Stitcher and iTunes review! I’ll thank you by giving you a shout out and reading your review on a future episode, so thanks in advance!

My Trip to Thailand & Budget Breakdown

  • Thailand Travel Tips that Your Guidbook Won’t Tell You
  • Thailand Trip Days 22 and 23: Last Days in Thailand
  • Thailand Trip Days 20 and 21: Panda Fun and Cooking School
  • Thailand Trip Days 17,18 and 19: Doi Suthep and Ben Cocktail Bar
  • Thailand Trip Days 14, 15 and 16: Phuket and the Horror that is Patong Beach
  • Thailand Trip Days 11, 12 and 13: Sunburns and Muay Thai
  • Thailand Trip Days 9 and 10: Ko Lanta is My Favourite Ko
  • Thailand Trip Days 7 and 8: Two Tickets to Paradise
  • Bangkok and Krabi Trip Photos
  • Thailand Trip Days 5 and 6: It Ain’t Called The Grand Palace for Nothing
  • Thailand Trip Days 3 and 4: Cheap Beer and Air-Conditioned Mega Malls
  • Thailand Trip Days 1 and 2: Jet Lag and Breakfast Curry
  • Bye Bye Rainy Vancouver, Hello Sunny Thailand!

My Journey from Vancouver to Toronto

  • Celebrating Canada Day in Ontario! What the What?
  • Minnesota & Wisconsin: So Close to TO!
  • Saskatoon & North Dakota: Halfway to Toronto
  • From Vancouver to Edmonton: My Journey to Toronto So Far
  • It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later

My New Life in Toronto

  • Career Advice from a Diagnosed Perfectionist
  • Moving to Toronto: The First Year
  • 5 More Unique Things About Toronto
  • 7 Unique Things About Toronto
  • Toronto’s Flash Flood and Learning to Rough It in the Big City
  • I Survived Week One in Toronto: Things Are Looking Up Baby!

Jump Starting My Career in Toronto

  • Why I Quit My Job to Get a Raise
  • Switching Careers: My Story
  • When in Doubt…Go Back to School?


Jul 15, 2015

Michelle Summerfield, from the personal finance blog Budget Bloggess, and I discuss the challenges of managing money after divorce, paying down debt and conquering your inner shopaholic.

Long episode description:

Michelle from Budget Bloggess was one of the first personal finance bloggers I met when I moved to Toronto over two years ago, so it was inevitable that I would have her on my podcast at some point. If you aren’t already a reader of her blog, I highly suggest it. She is super open about her struggles with debt and shopaholism, which we discuss in-depth in this episode, plus I just love her blog post series about her alter ego — Spenderella.  We also got to bond over our frugal dads in this episode, and we even talk a bit about her divorce and how that influenced her debt repayment. Lots of great topics covered in this show I must say!

We both mentioned a few of Michelle’s blog posts during this episode, so here they all are. Thanks again for reading and listening, and make sure to check back here next week for episode 10. It’s a particularly special and personal episode all about my experience moving from Vancouver to Toronto.

Blog Posts Michelle Mentioned

  • The No Spend Challenge 2015 – 6-Month Check In
  • This Is My Frugal Dad – Lessons in Frugality
  • Ask the Reader: Birthday Gifts – Debt Repayment or A Gift?
  • Things Spenderella Did When I Wasn’t Watching #4 Thou Shalt Not Spend


Jul 8, 2015

Money blogger Tonya Stumphauzer from Budget and the Beach and I talk about going from employee to being her own boss in the entertainment industry.

Long episode description:

As I mentioned at the start of this episode, I was lucky enough to have met Tonya from Budget and the Beach a few years ago when my husband Josh and I were on our honeymoon in California. Both Josh and I were debating where to go for our honeymoon, and since we’d already done the whole Mexico resort thing a few years prior, we decided to fulfill our childhood dreams of going to Disneyland. It was beyond awesome, I’m telling you. It seriously is the happiest place on Earth. 

Anywho, while we were in California, we were able to meet Tonya for some beer and tacos near Hermosa Beach. Ok, here’s the thing, when I pictured Hermosa Beach I pictured people in bikinis rollerblading along the seawall. What we ended up getting was cold, cloudy weather pretty much the whole time we were there. When I told Tonya this, she broke the harsh news to us that the locals call this time of year “June Gloom” because of the blah weather. I guess I should have done a bit more research before booking those plane tickets. Oh well, we still had an awesome time, even if we didn’t get to go for a swim in the ocean.

Ever since that meet-up, Tonya has been one of my all-time favourite American personal finance bloggers. So when I got the idea to start my own podcast, I knew I needed to get Tonya as my first non-Canadian guest. She’s just so personable and honest, and I think it definitely comes across in this episode.

Before getting to the blog posts Tonya mentions on the show, I wanted to share the first episode of her Money Stories web series. Just like me with my podcast, Tonya is going beyond her blog to share other people’s money stories and I am absolutely loving it!

Blog Posts Tonya Mentioned

  • One Step at a Time: Part 1 (a.k.a. Car Trouble on the 405)
  • One Step at a Time: Part 2

Check Out Tonya on Youtube

  • Tonya’s Budget and the Beach Channel


Jul 1, 2015

Barry Choi, from the investing and travel blog Money We Have, and I talk about DIY investing through index funds and using the Couch Potato method.

Long episode description: 

If you’ve been a reader of my blog throughout these 3 and half years, then you already know that I am by far no expert when it comes to investing. Not for lack of desire, but I guess when it comes to personal finance I just stick to what I’m comfortable with — saving and budgeting. That being said, I know that in order to continue to increase my net worth, I need to do a better job of investing. Right now, I’m justing investing in mutual funds in my RRSP and TFSA, but I definitely want to diversify in the future. That’s where Barry Choi comes in.

Barry has been a DIY investor for a number of years and has been writing about his experience on his blog Money We Have as well. Since I really wanted to learn more about his investing strategies, I thought he would be the perfect podcast guest for this episode.

We talk about a lot of topics, including how to get started as a DIY investor and how to implement the Couch Potato method of investing, so make sure you check out some of these handy resources Barry mentioned on the show below.

As an added bonus, I am also giving away a cop of John Robertson’s investing for beginners book The Value of Simple: A Practical Guide to Taking the Complexity Out of Investing. You may already know John from his blog Holy Potato, but Barry highly praised this book (and gave me a copy to check out), so I’m super pumped to be giving one of you lucky winners a copy too!

Resources Barry mentioned:

  • Stop Over-thinking Your Money!: The Five Simple Rules Of Financial Success by Preet Banerjee
  • Wealthing Like Rabbits: An Original Introduction to Personal Finance by Robert Brown
  • The Wealthy Barber Returns by David Chilton
  • Canadian Couch Potato


Jun 24, 2015

Bridget Casey, from the personal finance blog Money After Graduation, and I talk about graduating from post-secondary twice, becoming a dragon (à la Dragons Den) and investing in the stock market like a total boss.

Long episode description:

Not to say that all the episodes I’ve done up to this point aren’t my favourite, but I’ve got to say that I really loved interviewing Bridget from Money After Graduation. I may add a dash of sass to the personal finance world, but she adds a few cups at least! 

What I love about Bridget’s personality and her writing style is that she’s real, she’s super smart and she’s downright hilarious. I mean, not many people can make the topics of debt, going back to school and investing in the stock market seem entertaining and fun.

In this episode, I start with asking about how Bridget’s childhood influenced her relationship with money, and from there we talk about how she went to university, got into debt, went back to university and essentially became a dragon from Dragon’s Den and a hard-core investor. I just have a feeling that in like 5 years she’s going to be an actual dragon on Dragon’s Den and this episode will be my claim to fame. You go Bridget! I’m counting on you!

I mentioned a few resources and blog posts during the show, so here they are below. And remember, if you’d like to leave me a review on iTunes or Stitcher, I’ll give you a special shout out on a future episode!

Also, as a continuation on the theme of investing, next week’s episode will feature Barry Choi from Money We Have (who I mention to Bridget on this episode). We’ll be talking about DIY investing and index funds, so make sure you tune in for that!

Resources Bridget mentioned

  • The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing
  • Investopedia
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Market Watch
  • Money After Graduation Millennial Money Spreadsheets

Blog posts I mentioned

  • Who I Am & The Story Behind Money After Graduation
  • Switching Careers: My Story


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